Meet The Dog

In the fabulous last post I introduced you to the cats who own the roost and run the show. We also have another critter.   A critter that isn’t as cool or hip as the cats.  That’s right;  we suffer from the ownership of…. a dog.

Being a cat person, a dog was not on the forefront of my needs.  However, now that I am married I am slowly learning that I have to be accepting of people whose ways are not exactly like those of my own.  Everyone hits this point in life eventually.  I hit it at 30.

Now don’t get me completely wrong.  I grew up with dogs.  I had a cocker spaniel that I loved and my Mom is never far from a beagle.  I just never saw a need to have a dog in my nice, clean house.  It seemed counterproductive.

And what about dog breeds?  Since its such a huge commitment owning a dog one wants to make sure the type of dog being owned doesn’t suck too much.  My wife wanted a terrier, and I am not that big of a fan of the breed.  They have too much energy.

After working through some issues my wife and I agreed that we would compromise and acquire a specimen of a breed exactly between a terrier and a beagle.  Yes, you guessed it: the miniature dachshund.

The particular instance of dachshund we acquired is a dapple dachshund named Tuxley.  He is your ordinary dog with a few special features that we had installed directly from the factory.

The first special feature is the snozz!  This is no ordinary nose.  It exceeds others by a good 4 inches.  On this particular model this is considered a luxury item since the snozz is required for walking.  In order to walk the nose must be down on the ground rooting through whatever stands in its way.

In the back you have your more ordinary dog features; a bum that makes dog poo that in turn shows up all over the yard.  Unfortunately there wasn’t an option available to remove this issue.  Fortunately I was able to negotiate with the wife and arranged for her to deal with all poo issues.  This makes the dog much more bearable.

Overall I really can’t complain (even though I am looking for an excuse to).  Tuxley is a pretty good dog, and I try hard not to hold things against critters that they have no control over.  I am certain given the option Tuxley would have chosen to be born a cat.  Why wouldn’t he?

Tuxley does keep the wife pretty busy.  She is running agility with Tuxley and generally trying to keep his life interesting.  She just taught him to roller over and she is working through the trick book to teach him other semi-cute tricks.

How about some pictures:

Oh yea.  One other very important thing.  Since Tuxley has come into my life, my wife has not said one thing about having a baby.  This gives the Tuxley a definite +1 in my book!

Meet The Cats

I am a cat person.  I have grown up liking cats.  Most people tend to be cat people or dog people.  My wife is a dog person.  I find it easier to be a cat person since cats are better.

I got my first house in 2006.  Soon after I got my first cat.  My first cat is a Bengal cat that I got from a breeder in California.  I named her Apollo.  She suffered from a not-so-easy life for the first couple years of her life.  Now she is spoiled and has nothing to complain about (though that doesn’t stop her from trying).

A few years later I was able to get a kitten.  I named him Zeus.  He is quite the character and definitely likes to be involved in all aspects of my life.  He can be a pain, but a good pain most of the time.  He is also very photogenic.

Planet Venice

Building on my previous Venice Panorama, I decided to play around in gimp and see if I could make one of those mini planets that are all the rage with the kids these days.

I found a pretty good youtube photoshop tutorial on how to do mini planets, but gimp was slightly more elusive (situation normal).

After a few hours of playing around I got this:

Planet Venice

It looks …interesting…

The hardest part was getting the colors to match and look consistent in the background with the foreground of the image.

It was fun.  Its a little more manipulated than I usually prefer my photos to be, but sometimes you have to try something different.

Next up, HDR mini planets! 🙂


Venice Panorama

Lately I have been playing with photography again.

While off on my trip to Europe I was able to take a hand-held panorama set from the cruise ship. I stitched this together using Hugin with pretty good results:
Panorama of Venice

The trouble with the internet is there are too many good photographers. If you google enough and read enough blogs you will convince yourself that you can never take pictures as good as other photographers, so why bother.

I am trying to resist this temptation and have been taking my camera out recently. I might post some of the more interesting pics if time allows.