Uninstalling a Fantastico App in Hostgator’s Cpanel

barrygrussling.com has hosted multiple different applications over the years.

Through most of this adventure I have used hostgator to host my websites.
Like most hosting providers, hostgator uses cpanel to allow customers to
interact with their webpages.  One of cpanels main components for setting
up net installations is fantastico.  Fantastico allows users to install various
web apps on their websites through the user of various supplied scripts.

I wanted to install wordpress on my website, but unfortunately I already
had an install of Gallery running on my website.  I wanted to remove it
as I had no need for it anymore.

Unfortunately, the hostgator fantastico seems to lack an uninstall button.

Some reading on the web suggested I just rm -rf my stuff and that
will “uninstall” it.

I proceeded to rm -rf all the files in my virtual host directory, and I
dropped the mysql databases using the mysql web front of cpanel.

I then went to the fantastico installation menu, but it was still reporting
my old Gallery install.  I ssh’d into hostgator and found the .fantasticodata
directory.  I found a folder inside named Gallery and inside that was a
file named barrygrussling.com|.  I rm’d that file, reloaded fantastico, and
found that it no longer reported having an installation of Gallery on
barrygrussling.com.  I was stoked.  I click WordPress and said to
install it into barrygrussling.com.  Unfortunately at this point in time
cpanel complained to me that I could only have one application installed
in the root at a time.

Back to the ssh session and I then found the .fantasticodata/installed_in_root.php.

It listed a PHP associative array with a key of barrygrussling.com and a value of 1.
I removed the offending line from the installed_in_root.php, went back to the
fantastico web interface, and was then able to install WordPress.

Not sure why Hostgators cpanel doesn’t have a fantastico uninstall interface
that I could find.  Hope this helps someone.


Barry’s Triumphant Return to the Blogging World

Hello Everyone,

I am sure you have missed me.  It has been years since I published a blog
post and my fans have requested, nay demanded, that I start putting
my thoughts down so that future generations can appreciate them

So I am pleased to announce that I am back in the blogging world!  I have setup
the latest version of WordPress, I have spent minutes configuring the
categories, I have setup a GIT repository to store my web stuff, and now
I am ready to do my yearly updates!

Stand back everyone, I am going to do technology!