BG Keypad 2000

This webpage is dedicated to the hard work I put into my assembly project. I was asked to think of something useful to do with a Cygnal 8051 processor. I decided to put a webpage up detailing some of my findings. (This page was also a requirement 🙂

All in all, there isn’t much to it. I got a keypad like you would see in a payphone from my school. This keypad has no identify marks and no brandname. It has 8 lines on it. 1 line is a common and the other 7 are data lines. For every button you press, two data lines go high. From this information you can find out what button was pressed.

My complete, commented source code is available here. Hopefully you can find it useful.

I also have the complete manual for the BG Keypad 2000 online. You can access that resource here.

Product Description

This product that I made will do the following:

  • Multi-user capable
  • User Programable via keypad
  • Flash Back-up for power failures
  • Flash Upgradeable

Lets look at these features individually.

Multi-user capable

This system has capabilities to store user passwords for up to 9 users! That means that you can add and remove access to your door easily. Going on vacation and want to be able to give your neighbor temporary access to your house. With the BG Keypad 2000 it is easy. See the manual for further details.

User Programable via keypad

This system is completely customizable with only the keypad. No tricky jumpers to configure or complicated subsystems to figure out. Just type away. You can add/delete users, change passwords, and do just about anything with the BG Keypad 2000.

Flash Back-up for power failures

Lets say you are away from the house and the power goes out. Well, your in luck. The BG Keypad 2000 will retain data such as the keycodes even without power. When other systems leave you locked out, this one keeps on going. This is accomplished with state of the art flash technology which allows us to store you personal data in a secure and stable fashion.

Flash Upgradeable

In the future, I may bring you updated versions with advanced features such as logging of entry and even more features. With the Keypad 2000, you can be assured of having the best system without having to worry about costly hardware upgrades.