Add a dash of color!

I have experienced another one of those events that every man experiences on his journey through marriage.  That moment when your wife pulls you close, looks deep in your eyes, and says “we should paint a wall”!

I present to you said wall:

IMG_2476Now I admit, it isn’t much to look at, but it has served our house quite well over the last eight years.  In honor of its years of faithful service, we decided to splash it blue.  In order to only splash the desired parts of it blue, we first had to tape it:


Taping this out turned out to be a fairly major job, and Cari did a great job as she taped most of it.  Now the moment we have all been waiting for, the first new paint lands on the wall:

IMG_2491Now just a dab more here and there and we get:

IMG_2493Let it dry a bit and suddenly poor little white wall has blue….ness.

IMG_2538Wives; turning houses into homes one wall at a time!